What Is The Zengran’s “Five-Star Standard”?

★ Star enterprise ★
★ Star products ★
★ Star technology ★
★ Star service ★
★ Star network ★      

Which Kind Of Packaging Machine You Need?

It depends on Characteristics of packaging materials
Factory's annual production
The type of the pouch
Your speed requirements for packaging
Your specific packaging requirements:such as local power requirement,Plant area restrictions,Local labor costs,etc.

Zengran Sales Process

1,Receipt of customer e-mail.
2,Depending on customer’s requirements, and engineers to make sure the packing machine configuration.  

Why You Choose Us?

We provide a complete packaging solutions and overseas engineers maintenance system, rather than just a machine.

What We Focused On?

We focused on seed industry,we are now the leading company in the industry of seed packaging in china,and We are determined to become the world's seeds packing navigator.

What we are?

We are manufacturer and exporter of packaging machines such as pouch packaging machine, secondary packaging machine,classic vertical packaging machine,automatic packaging line and other Packaging machinery supporting.


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