The future of vacuum-packed
The future of vacuum-packed

As economic development, packaging machinery industry  has been developed rapidly, and gradually showing a diversified development. Vacuum-packed products help protect against environmental contamination and achieve extended shelf - life. Especially under conditions of poor refrigeration, the use of vacuum packaging skills can greatly cut losses of fruit thinning, grain, etc. in storage processes. Moreover, the use of vacuum packaging is simple, easy automation and batch processing, and low cost. So, Vacuum packaging will occupy an increasingly important position in food preservation and packaging industries. Development of vacuum packaging machine is unstoppable.
To develop and meet the international market better, Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd focus on skills developed with innovation, and optimize business chain, developed a number of vacuum packing machine such as ZB500N, ZB2000A6. These machines have won acclaim in many areas of foods, additives, tea, pharmaceutical, chemical etc.

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