GFP10D1 Automatic Secondary Baling Packing Machine
ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
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Production Process:

Sackets→horizontal conveyor→Double slope conveyor→high speed conveyor→bag counting machine→automatic bag feeding machine→woven bag output Details:

The Automatic Secondary Baling Packing Machine is mainly to complete the packaged pouch products (150-1000 g) by request (order form: vertical arranged separately) neatly into the bag, sewing bag out of the automatic packaging process. In order to achieve a small package from the bulk material to a woven bag, full automatic operation, saving manpower, material and financial inputs, to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, the unit is widely used in washing powder, salt, seeds , milk powder and other powder, granular packaging machine is the first choice for major companies.

Equipment Components:

the double inclined conveyor, high speed conveyor, counting machine, automatic packaging machines, sewing machine, end product conveyor.


1. Automatic plastic materials can be realized to enhance small package, measuring, bag making, filling, printing, sealing, finished out of the fully automated;

2. Bag automatic packing machine can automatically on the bags, open bags, counting, filling, moving out, into automatic sewing machine sewing automatically. The packaging process to achieve unmanned.

3. The touch screen control unit, operation, specifications change, maintenance is very convenient, safe and reliable.

4. Can be arranged to achieve a variety of forms to meet the needs of our.

Packing range3kg ~ 10kg sachet products150g ~ 1000g sachet products
Bag materialpaper bag,woven bag (lined with PP/PE film)paper bag,woven bag (lined with PP/PE film)
Packing speed6-14 bags / min,( 20-80 pouches / min)  (speed slightly changed according to different products)  6-14 bags / min,( 40-180 pouches / min)  (speed slightly changed according to different products)  
Ranking formSingle bag dropping silo,single-row or Horizontal column placementDouble bag dropping silo,single-row or Horizontal column placement
Compressed air0.5~0.7Mpa0.5~0.7Mpa
Power Supply5Kw  380V±10%  50Hz6.5Kw  380V±10%  50Hz

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