ZB2000A6 Brick Type Bag Packing Machine With Labeling
ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
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Equipment Description:
ZB2000A6 brick type bag packing unit is consist of one bagging machine, one weighing machine, one vacuum brick bag maker, one labeling machine and one out-put conveyor.
It can achieve fully automatic feeding, weighing, form the bag, fill the bag, shaping the bag, vacuum the bag, seal the bag, labeling and finally out-put.
It can pack the products into brick type bags and it can be used in many industries such as: coffee powder, yeast and fine particles. The out-put bags can be put into box, carton or can be sold directly.

The Basic Configuration Of The Machine Parts:
PLC: Omron, Siemens, Delta (you can choose one of them)
Touch screen: Siemens, Weinview (you can choose one of them)
Temperature Controller: Omron
Color photoelectric: SUNX
Servomotor: Fuji
Solenoid valve: SMC

Technical Parameters:
Packing speed: 6-12bags/min
Bag weight range: 100-2000g
Bag type: Brick type bag
Bag dimension: (50-160)x(50-120)mm(L*W)
Accuracy: ±1‰~5‰
Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Air Consumption: 0. 35m3/min
Total power: About 10Kw
Power source: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
Machine weight: 2200KG
Machine dimension: 4100*3200*4300mm

Powder product:  Coffee powder, yeast, cream, food additives, etc
Granule product:  Rice, grains, pet foods, foods, etc 
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