ZB25N Vacuum Packing Machine For Four Side Seal Bags
ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
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Equipment Description:
ZB25N vacuum packing unit is consist of one small bagging machine, two vacuum chamber and other support parts.
It can achieve fully automatic feeding, weighing, form the bag, fill the bag, shaping the bag, vacuum the bag, seal the bag and finally out-put.
It can pack the products into pillow bags and it can used in many industries such as: yeast and fine particles and the out-put bags can be put into box, carton or can be sold directly.

The Basic Configuration Of The Machine Parts:
PLC: Omron, Siemens, Delta (you can choose one of them)
Touch screen: Siemens, Weinview (you can choose one of them)
Temperature Controller: Omron
Color photoelectric: SUNX
Servomotor: Fuji
Solenoid valve: SMC
Technical Parameters:
Packing speed: 30-40bags/min
Bag weight range: 15-25g
Bag type: Four side seal bag (Five with package)
Bag dimension: 125*90mm(L*W)
Accuracy: ±1g
Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Air Consumption: 0. 15m3/min
Total power: About 10Kw
Power source: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
Machine weight: 1500KG
Machine dimension: 2700*1000*1800mm

Powder product:  Coffee, yeast, cream, food additives, etc
Granule product:  Rice, grains,etc
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