VFS5000FS Weigher Packaging Unit
ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
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The Weigher Packaging Unit comprises of a VFS5000FS vertical packing machine, one 10 or 14head multi-head weigher, as well as one DT5 Z-type buckets elevator. There is also one working platform, one conveyor belt and one air compressor. The measuring skills of this machine are very accurate and the packaging rate is fast. The Weigher Packaging Unit is flexible to packaging of a variety of shapes and a precise gravity as well. Moreover, it can pack sticky materials like oily snack food. This machine is majorly used in the food industry.
The function of the machine is to lift, measure, bag-make, fill, seal, cut, count and finally print materials.
1. The Weigher Packaging Unit is controlled by PLC 
2. The interface is a touch screen 
3. Film-pulling is done by a servo motor 
4. The machine comes with a printer that is able to print manufacturing date and batch number on the bags. 
5. It can be customized according to customer's requirements and special devices can be added.

Bag typePillow type bag; Gusseted bag(Option)
Weighing accuracy±0.2% dependent on products characteristics
Bag size50 to 340mm(L)~80 to 260mm
Reel Film Width≤540mm(43.5in)
Reel Outer Dia.400mm(23.7in)
Reel Inner Dia.75mm(2.9in)
Power Consumption8KW
Compressed Air Requirement0.6Mpa  0.36m3/min

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