Automatic Box Packing Line
ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
  • ZB2500A6G pre-made vacuum bag packing machine
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Packaging of cans and bottles is seen as the most demanding applications when it comes to the process of packaging products. It requires a lot of things from filling the cans and bottles to placing each of them in strapped boxes. But more than the first part of packaging, there are more tasks to be dealt with later on.  
Accurate case filling, sealing and strapping at the preferred speed rate no longer needs a skilled integrator. More than that, a smart and automatic machine is also needed in making the packing process more convenient and more efficient. That answer to this need is the Automatic Box Packing Line. 
This machine is offering a complete and tailor-made system that automates the process of filling cases with bottles and cans, and sealing and strapping it. The system reduces the risk for errors and makes the process of getting the cans and bottles on the box. 
The packing line machine is designed to handle and package bottles and cans into box container. However, the machine’s advantages are not only limited to this. It also brings the following advantages:
1.The packing line is integrated with an auto-case filling, case sealing and case strapping machine. It is the three-in-one solution combined and integrated in one machine.
2.The machine is fully automated. It no longer requires an operator. Feel safe and confident that the production line will continue with the Automatic Box Packing Line.
3.It is a machine designed for bottle and can packaging, ones that requires the items to be placed into the case.
4.It comes with a lot of benefits, which are made in the form of its being a multi-function machine. The product is guaranteed easy to operate. Being automated helps the packaging process to be improved. Also, less space is needed with this machine since it is already comprised of three machines in one packing line. 
All these make the product an excellent option for cosmetic, pharmacy and food companies.

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