CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine

CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine
  • CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine
  • CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine
  • CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine
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The Bulk Bag Packing Machine Advantages:
1. The weighing system of CJ1000K Bulk Bag Packing Machine comes with a highly precise weighing sensor that drastically eliminates possible mistakes or errors. The sensor is able to notice an overweighing down to 0.02% above the recommended weight. A high resolution controller keeps the machine operating with a reliable, consistent quality.
2. The material feeding parts adopt both big and small valves to control the three kinds feeding settings: fast, slow and exactness.
3. The packing range is 0.5~1.2 ton adjustable. It is suitable to big bag packing.
4 .The Bulk Bag Packing Machine parameters setting and the weighing calibration is very simple to use.
Construction Principle:
1. Feeding part: Adopt two kinds of valves - large and small - to control the three kinds feeding settings: fast,slow and exactmess.
2. Weighing shelf: The weighing shelf is hooked up to the sensor, and conveys the weight signal to the electric box which controls the operation of the machinery.
3. The electro motion car operated by the motor and run in the track to convey the products. The car’s position controlled by the worker and the final position is determined by the limit switch.
4. Electric box: Exterior signal and the sensor signal are conveyed to the electric box, which could control the feeding (set ON and OFF), cylinder lifting, and the car running through finished process..
Material range  0.5ton-1.2ton
Packaging speed  4-6 tons /hour
Accuracy  static accuracy 0.1%FA.OIMLⅢ grade,  dynamic accuracy 0.3%
Powder Supply AC380V
Air supply 0.4-0.6 Mpa, 2 M3/H
Power 2.5Kw
External dimension(LxWxH) 5200x1800x3500

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