GFP1S1 Baling Machine

GFP1S1 Baling Machine
  • GFP1S1 Baling Machine
  • GFP1S1 Baling Machine
  • GFP1S1 Baling Machine
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GFP1S1 Baling Machine
GFP1S1 Baling Machine is ideally designed in packaging pouch products that are in between the weight range of 150 to 1000 kilograms. The process entails packaging the pouched products into the bag neatly and sewing the bag during packaging process. Small packages are then made into a bulk by filling the woven bag. 
The use of the machines comes with associated benefits. It is fully automatic, allowing the packaging process to take place without the assistance of an operator. It lets owners save from manpower and materials because the risk for error is eliminated. The machine also has an impact in the overall production costs. Most important of all, the use of this machine significantly improves the efficiency of production.
GFP1S1 Baling Machine is used in packaging of washing powder, milk powder and other similar powder products, salt and seeds. It is also a good option for companies that are packaging cookies, peanuts, rice, beans and more. One of the best features this granular packaging machine has is that it is equipped with a range of filling and weight system meant to handle the packaging of different granule products. These are just some of the reasons that make GFP1S1 Baling Machine a top option for many major companies. 
Production Process
GFP1S1 Baling Machine is made up of a range of machine and parts. Among these are a double-incline conveyor belt and high speed conveyor. It has a sewing machine counting machine, a woven-bag automatic machine and the end-product conveyor. The machine can pack 6 to 14 bags per minute or an equivalent of 20 to 80 pouches per minute.
The production process using the machine is made up of 7 steps. 
First: The sachets are brought to the horizontal conveyor.
Second: These sachets pass through the double slope conveyor.
Third: The sachets are then passed through the double slope conveyor.
Fourth: The bags are counted then once the bag counting machine is reached.
Fifth: The bags are dropped to the automatic bag-forming unit.
Sixth: The large bags are filled with sachets as they are dropped one by one.
Seventh: The large bag is sealed. A new large bag is prepared to be filled with next set of sachets.
GFP1S1 Baling Machine comes with several advantages, and these can be summarized into the following:
1.The machine is capable of performing a number of tasks, which is why owners are able to save from manpower cost with the product. It also makes the process faster and more efficient. Since the steps are automated, the machine simply pulls the film, makes the bag, counts the bags, fills the bags and moves them to the sewing machine. An operator is no longer required to operate the machine.
2.It is integrated with a control that is touch screen. With this control unit, changing specifications and performing the maintenance is more convenient. This control unit is also reliable and safe.
3.GFP1S1 Baling Machine can also be arranged in different ways. The benefit of this is it makes it much easier to meet the customers’ needs.
Packing range 3kg ~ 10kg sachet products 150g ~ 1000g sachet products
Bag material paper bag,woven bag (lined with PP/PE film) paper bag,woven bag (lined with PP/PE film)
Packing speed 6-14 bags / min,( 20-80 pouches / min)  (speed slightly changed according to different products)   6-14 bags / min,( 40-180 pouches / min)  (speed slightly changed according to different products)  
Ranking form Single bag dropping silo,single-row or Horizontal column placement Double bag dropping silo,single-row or Horizontal column placement
Compressed air 0.5~0.7Mpa 0.5~0.7Mpa
Gas 0.8m3/m 0.9m3/m
Power Supply 5Kw  380V±10%  50Hz 6.5Kw  380V±10%  50Hz
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