GFQ-S Automatic Sewing Machine

GFQ-S Automatic Sewing Machine
  • GFQ-S Automatic Sewing Machine
  • GFQ-S Automatic Sewing Machine
  • GFQ-S Automatic Sewing Machine
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The Automatic Sewing Machine is designed in packing products like light chemicals and rice diet. It is ideal for application in companies focused on the manufacture of chemical raw materials. GFQS Automatic Sewing Machine is ideally used for sewing large bags. Products to be packed are only prepared to go through the machine after the packaging process is completed. 
The sizes of the bags that are used and sewed in the machine are at 650 to 1000 in length and 350 to 550 in width. It is capable of packing up to 25 bags per minute. The type of conveyor integrated in the machine is the chain-plate type which measures 2.5 in length. 
Features of GFQS Automatic Sewing Machine
1.The Automatic Sewing Machine is featuring and using a photoelectric sensor switch. This switch is designed to help in automatically locating the sewing.
2.It is automatically disconnected and does not come with an artificial tangent.
3.It is a sewing-oriented machine with a drive that is equipped with a conveyor drive motor. The machine’s speed can be adjusted based on the requirements.
4.This automatic sewing machine is designed with a finished conveyor. The advantage of this feature is it can be adjusted in order to meet the required length of the bag to be used.
5.The head of the sewing machine is featuring a safety switch cover. Once done with bag sewing, the operator can simply remove the cover to keep it safe.
6.The machine is not only convenient. It also features an elegant appearance.
model GFQ-D GFQ-S
Bag Size(mm) (650~1000)x(350~550)(LxW) (650~1000)x(350~550)(LxW)
Max packing speed 25bag/min 25bag/min
Sewing machine head NP-7A type (japan NEWLONG) GK35-6 type(Bafang)
 Conveyor   type Chain plate conveyor(L=2.5m) Leather belt(L=1.6m)
Total power 0.82KW 380V±10% 50Hz 0.8KW 380V±10% 50Hz
Air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa 0.3~0.5Mpa
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