VFS1100 Automatic Packaging Machine

VFS1100 Automatic Packaging Machine
  • VFS1100 Automatic Packaging Machine
  • VFS1100 Automatic Packaging Machine
  • VFS1100 Automatic Packaging Machine
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Production Process:
The production process for the Automatic Packaging Machine is:
1.Sachets go up the horizontal conveyor
2.They then pass through a double slope conveyor
3.And again through a high speed conveyor
4.Finally they reach the bag counting machine where the bags are counted
5.They fall through into an automatic bag forming unit
6.The sachets are dropped inside a big bag
7.The big bag is finally sealed and a new empty bag will catch the second batch of sachets
The Automatic Packing Equipment is used mostly to package pouch or sachet products that weigh between 150-1000 grams by request (order form: vertical arranged separately). The machine packs the sachets neatly into a sewing bag out of the automatic packaging process. To get a small package into a woven bag in bulk form, full automatic operation is essential. It saves manpower as well as material and financial costs. Moreover, it also improves production efficiency. The Automatic Packaging Machine is used extensively to pack washing powder, salt, seeds and other powdered items. This granular packaging machine is the first choice of big companies. 
The Automatic Packaging Machine comprises of a double incline conveyor belt along with a high speed conveyor. There is also a counting machine, sewing machine as well as a woven bag automatic machine and an end product conveyor.
There are many advantages of the Automatic Packaging Machine to companies and factories which are:
1. The machine can do many tasks, which makes it faster and saves manpower cost. The tasks that the machine can do are automatically pulling the film, making the bag, counting the sachets, filling the bag, moving it out into the sewing machine.
2. The machine has a touch screen control unit. Hence, changing specifications is very easy. Moreover, maintenance is also safe and convenient.
3. With the Automatic Packaging Machine, you can achieve many forms to meet customer needs.
Packaging range 150g~1KG sachet products
Packaging Materials composite membrane
 Packing speed 4bags/min~14 bags/min,( 40pouches/min~85 pouches/min)
(speed slightly changed according to different products)
Ranking form single silo baiting,single or double row laying

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