YHXZ6-1F Rotary Packing Machine

YHXZ6-1F Rotary Packing Machine
  • YHXZ6-1F Rotary Packing Machine
  • YHXZ6-1F Rotary Packing Machine
  • YHXZ6-1F Rotary Packing Machine
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Gadget Profile:
This Rotary Packing Machine is made up by complete automated bag provided packaging machine as well as a CJSL2000 Auger assessing machine. Widely utilizing for packing milk powder, coffee powder as well as flavoring etc.
1.Take on advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch screen as well as an electric control system, the man-machine user interface is friendly.
2.Regularity conversion adjusts the rate: this equipment uses regularity conversion equipment, could be adjusted within the array according to the needs of truth in manufacturing.
3.Automatic monitoring: no bag or bag open mistake, no fill, no seal. The bag could be made use of once more, avoid losing packaging materials and basic materials.
4.The size of the bags might be adjusted by electrical motor. Press the control-button could change the size of the clips, quickly operate, as well as save time.
5.Horizontal conveyor style of providing bag: it can put on more bags in the bag storage, space as well as having a low demand regarding the quality of the bags.
6.The components that touch with material are made of stainless steel.

Mechanical location six station
Bag type Vertical zipper pouches,spout pouches,stand-up pouches,flat bags(side sealing,four sides sealing bag,zipper bag)
Packing dimension W: 140-260mm  L: 260-450mm (adjustable, make to order)
Packing speed 40bags/min or less, the speed is determined by the material itself and the filling weight
Machine weight 1200 KG
Electrical voltage 380v  three-phase ,50 Hz/60 Hz, 4.5KW
Note Select different types of packaging machines to be based on the parameters of the bag type ,bag size,etc.

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