ZH-100 Cartoning machine

ZH-100 Cartoning machine
  • ZH-100 Cartoning machine
  • ZH-100 Cartoning machine
  • ZH-100 Cartoning machine
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The ZH-100 Type Cartoning Machine is ideal for a range of industry applications such as food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Many encased items can be utilized in the machine such as pillow bag, injection, suppository, blister cardboard, eye-drop, lipstick, chewing gum and many more. It features three primary things: convenient operation, good performance and high-speed operation. 
It is ideal for cartooning a wide array of lightweight and small-sized items. The machine may also be integrated with a vertical bag packing machine. Doing so is beneficial in achieving the best results while also meeting the National Food and Pharmaceutical production and quality management practices, otherwise known as the GMP requirements.
Purpose of ZH-100 Type Cartoning Machine
The machine is designed to be used for a range of powder, particles and other similar materials. It can also be used on different packaging applications such as food, agricultural products, pet food and chemicals that depend on the user’s requirements. The use of the machine is periodically replaced that depend on the packaged products to be created. 
This cartooning machine offers quick mold production cycle. One of the benefits of the machine is that it is easy to assemble. All of these benefits are great for the large quantity production of single-piece items. 
The Box Packaging
The box where products are encased has its direct effect on the final package’s overall quality. But, this machine leaves users more confident about their final package’s quality for the machine comes with high quality packing requirements. The packaging material used for the box is an imported white general carton-based paper. The machine also comes with specific requirements in the production procedure of the overall packaging.
Normal Conditions for Usage
The temperature must be ambient and fall in the range of 20 ± 10 degree Celsius. The air must be compressed within the range of this data: ≥0.5Mpa, flow ≥0.6m³ / min. The machine can be operated by one to two people. 
Mechanical Works
The machine utilizes a complex set of drives as it mimics the action. This automates the tasks of taking, opening, filling, sealing and folding the boxes along with the other procedures. The cartooning machine works with the use of a vacuum. The carton box is manually set right through the library, which has a storage capacity of 800 to 1000 carton boxes. Afterwards, the cassette detection based photoelectric sensor sends signal to PLC to control the feed-cylinder valve. 
The box-chucks sized cartons are then taken and the mold box’s main frame is delivered. This is then taken to the sucker-released carton-based box. This is followed with the beat box board taken into the “carton commence molding”. 
Following these, the photoelectric sensor will detect the so-called signal box and prepare the machine to work. If the cassette is not really working on the opening, the sensor will send a signal for the PLC to stop the operation. The following box is applied with hot melting glue to seal the box. This is completely sealed using a roller compaction. A signal is sent again to PLC and to the measurement weighing machine that prepare for the cutting.  
Other procedures will follow until the boxes are sealed and completed. The finished packaging or product is then directed to the packing conveyor. 

Cartoning machine

Main motor power


Transporting motor power


Maximum design production capacity

100 boxes / min

Overall dimensions

5500 × 3000 × 2100mm (L × W × H)



Carton size range

Maximum 80 × 30 × 160mm (L × W × H)

Minimum 200 × 80 × 300mm (L × W × H)


Less than 85 db

Total power


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