Washing Powder
Washing Powder

1. feature of the washing powder:Small proportion, a lot of dust, Poor mobility, a certain degree of corrosion.

2. the problem often encounted in the process of the washing powder packing:the machine will corrode in the long-term use, machine failure rate is high, measurement accuracy is poor.

3. the unit u can choose:

Small pouch:

VFS5000F+CJF2000: 200g-2000g automatic weighing and packing unit;
VFS7300+CJF5000: 500g--5000g automatic weighing and packing unit;

Big pouch:

GFP1S1 automatic secondary packing machine(double silo type)
GFP1D1 automatic secondary packing machine(single silo type)

Our solution:
Stainless steel manufacturing, effectively resist corrosion of materials
With sealed doors, lids, can effectively prevent the spread of dust
Modular weighing control system, weighing accuracy, high speed
Adopt imported high-quality pneumatic components and improve the stability of the machine running.


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