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Device Profile
The machine is developed for powdery material packing for Agriculture,chemical and food industry etc. The unit is provided with the functions of automatic bag-fetching, filling, bag-conveying and sealing. It can be linked with all kinds of powder materials production equipment to work to achieve production of large-sized packaging operations without man. LCD touch screen control(Up to IP65 above grade waterproofing, dustproof, can be adapted to humid, dusty work environment), good human-computer interface, automatic fault diagnosis, safety shutdown protection, quick adjustment and easy maintenance. full containment of dust.
After considering the rising costs of labor in Asia(especially in Thailand ,Indonesia and India), our company researched and developed a fully automatic powder packaging machine which aimed at the Asian chemical market. 
Main technical parameters
Packaging materials:  1.Woven Bags(covered film)
                                   2.Kraft paper bags
                                   3.Plastic composite film (thickness greater than 0.18mm)
Package Dimensions(Unit:mm):(700~1100) x (480~650) LxW
Package Weight: 15 to 50kg/bag
Measurement Accuracy: ±100kg
Packing Speed: 4 packs/minute(depending on packing materials,bags and other dimensions may wary slightly)
Air supply: about0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa
Power: about 3.2KW 380±10% 50HZ
Dimensions(Unit:mm): 4200x2200x2100 (LxWxH)
Sealing way: 1.Woven Bag: side folding/ seaming
                     2.Kraft paper bags: sealing/seaming
                     3.composite film bag: sealing
Packaging materials: non-sticky powder materials

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