Automatic Packing Line
Automatic Packing Line


Automatic Packing LineSolution
The Automatic Packing Line Solution is used in packaging sachet and pouch products. It packed items that fall in the weight range of 150 to 100 grams. All products are packaged by request or through the use of an order form. 
bag throughout the packaging process. It is essential to set-up a full-automatic operation in order that a woven bag is produced from a small package in bulk. There are several benefits associated with the use of automatic packing machine.
First, it saves manpower and reduces the risk of wasting materials due to an error in the packaging process. Using this machine also helps in reducing financial costs while improving the production efficiency. 
Automatic Packing LineSolution is specifically developed and designed to make the process of packing pouch and sachet products easier. The machine is ideal in packing items including salt, seeds, washing powder, milk powder and other powdered products. This is also a granular packaging machine that can serve big companies well.
Basic Facts about Automatic Packing LineSolution:
It has a packaging range of 150 to 1000 grams of sachet products. The machine is using composite membrane for its packaging materials. Its packing speed may vary on the the products that are packed. As an automatic machine, it can pack 4 to 14 bags per minute and 40to 85 pouches per minute. The machine is comprised of different conveyors and vital machines. It is attached with a double-incline conveyor belt and a high speed conveyor. The machines included in the whole machine are the sewing machine and counting machine. It also comes with an end-product conveyor and a woven-bag automatic machine.
The Production Process
The production process of this automatic packing machine starts with the sachets going up the horizontal conveyor. It then passes through the double slope conveyor and to the high speed conveyor. Following these steps is the counting of the bags, which is done once the bag counting machine is reached. Once counted, the sachets are dropped to the automatic bag forming unit. The sachets are dropped inside a large bag following the previous procedure. When everything is done, the large bag is then sealed. A new large bag will be filled with the new batch of sachets. 

Advantages of the Automatic Packing Machine
This machine can bring several benefits to both factories and companies. The following are just some of those benefits:
Capable of Doing Several Tasks
As a result, it makes the production process faster and more efficient. This comes with an endless benefit such as the ability of saving manpower cost. A more efficient and faster production process is accomplished with the machine since it is already automated to pull the film to perform the step by step procedures. These include the production of the bag, counting of sachets, filling the bag with the sachets, moving them out to the sewing machine.
Integrated with a Touch-Screen Control Unit
The benefit brought by this feature is that changing the specifications is made easier. It also makes maintenance more convenient and safer.
Having this machine lets users and companies or factories achieve many forms of packing. It is the perfect packing solution that meets the needs of customers.

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